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Wall clock Design - Made in Italy

This part of our catalog is dedicated to wall clocks.

Modern style and Italian design come together to give life to small, medium and large clocks (80x60 cm, 140x60 cm, 150x50cm).
They are not only functional, but also objects able to furnish a wall by changing the appearance of the entire room, whether it is a living room, an entrance, a bedroom or a kitchen.

The models in our catalog range from modern clocks with elegant and refined design to original and eccentric models characterized by particular shapes such as jeans, eye, tie, inverted coffee cup, shoe with heels, tap with drop, hat and stain . Do not miss the original models inspired by art such as the loose and liquefied clocks of the great Spanish artist Salvador Dali, which recall one of his most famous works: "The Persistence of Memory".
Viadurini's modern and wall clocks design are made of materials such as resin, steel and metal. They are available in a traditional version with shapes ranging from the classic round to even larger squared shapes that contain references to places and famous places (Polynesia , Big Bang of London, etc).

Choose the most suitable wall clock to furnish your home or your office. In case of doubt or need advice our staff is at your disposal at the e-mail address on the site and in the appropriate chat. Discover the fast and easy way to buy the best of Italian design online.