Wall Clocks Big and Small of Modern, Vintage and Made in Italy Design

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Wall clocks made in different sizes to meet every need. Classic shapes (square or round) and original shapes to give a touch of unique design to the walls of the house. Wall clocks design in modern or vintage style for an always trendy furniture.
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Wall clocks ideal for any home and office environment and style.

In this section you can immerse yourself in a wide selection of wall clocks of any shape and style:
  • Adhesive wall clocks : you can easily apply the various components by following the instructions attached.
  • Large wall clocks : if you have high ceilings or want to give personality to a bare wall.
  • Square wall clocks , the reinterpretation of a classic.
  • Round or oval wall clocks , we can amaze you with creations never seen.
  • Designer wall clocks , the models with more personality.
  • Modern wall clocks , the most geometric shapes and the most trendy materials.
  • Vintage wall clocks , with classic and well-known lines, for a style that is never banal and out of place.
From the traditional round shape, to beveled squares, from whimsical to classic design: the world of clocks to hang on the wall is truly boundless. The great variety of proposals allows you to think of a different clock for each room: on the other hand, every space in the house needs its own clock, from the kitchen to the living room, from the bathroom to the home office and even in the company where you work, where the time is important.

Also from the color point of view you have an open field: from the classic models in black or white, to the more colorful ones or with imaginative combinations, from refined golden to green and copper. The wall clock can also act as a contrasting element to give a boost of vitality to the room.

Red wall clocks for elegant living rooms, wood color for interiors with a strong natural inspiration, or in marble to instill a touch of luxury: to choose the most suitable model, let yourself be guided by your taste and style of the spaces.

To each room its own clock.

There are wall clocks designed for bedroom installations that are absolutely silent and small in size with warm colors.
wall clocks for the modern kitchen, here we can find infinite models and colors, certainly those with large numbers and immediate reading are indicated within stylized dials and with well-defined and modern lines and very colorful if instead it is of the kitchen of a B&B, a wall clock in the shape of a coffee pot and cup it is perfect. As for wall clocks for the living room, here you can space and choose a large-sized product that decorates a large wall, using particular shapes and colors, real works of art are those made on canvas: clocks wall that give the possibility to choose up to 3 time zones, therefore ideal for office or studio installations.
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