Modern Extendable Dining Tables the Real Design Made in Italy

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Extendable dining tables designed and conceived to be unique and inimitable design elements, a typical feature of an extendable table made by expert Italian craftsmen. Styles, shapes and high quality materials characterise our range (solid wood, glass, precious woods) guaranteeing quality to every Viadurini extending table.
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Extendable dining tables Made in Italy design for dining room and living room

Extendable dining table to furnish with a modern and contemporary style.

The extendable dining room tables presented in this section of our online catalogue offer the advantage of taking up little space and extending when needed to host splendid dinners with friends. And if you would also like to combine them with interesting chairs, do not forget to visit the section of our site dedicated to them.

Among our proposals there are square, oval, round or rectangular shapes adjustable in width up to 3 metres, available in various dimensions with legs in steel and wood.

Extendable tables: Italian elegance and practicality

Extendable tables made of high quality materials for organising dinners with family and friends with a functional, designer table.

Timeless elegance meets functionality in our range of extendable tables, perfectly suited to seat 4 to 12 people (up to 20), reflecting refined Italian design and conviviality.

Custom-made extending tables: craftsmanship meets customisation

For those seeking a customised expression of design, our custom-made proposals offer a unique opportunity to create a space that speaks directly to your style and needs, combining craftsmanship and customisable adaptability in our custom-made tables extendable.

Extendable Glass Tables: Modernity and Transparency in Your Space

Modernity meets transparency in our glass tops, turning every meal into a special occasion. They capture light and amplify space, promising a contemporary and cosy atmosphere in our extendable glass tables.

Extendable Ceramic Tables: Endurance and Avant-Garde Style

The combination of robustness and avant-garde style is revealed in our ceramic creations, offering exemplary strength and cutting-edge aesthetics for timeless elegance in our ceramic extension tables.

Wooden Extending Tables: Warmth and Tradition in an Innovative Design

The warmth and authenticity of wood come together in an innovative design with our wooden proposals, bringing a touch of tradition and naturalness to the contemporary aesthetics of your interior in our extendable wooden tables.

Marble Extending Tables: Luxury and Refinement

Marble, a symbol of luxury and refinement, is embodied in beautiful, durable surfaces that enhance any dining room with timeless elegance in our marble extending tables.

Round Extendable Tables: Conviviality in a Circular Design

The circular shape, symbol of unity and equality, comes to life with elegance in our collection. These tables, true meeting points, expand according to the number of guests, ensuring in our extendable round tables a remarkable adaptability without sacrificing aesthetics.

Extendable Oval Tables: The Fluid Elegance Of Soft Forms

The elegance of curves meets practicality in our oval tables, which embody softness and fluidity. These tables are an invitation to shared moments in comfort, bringing a touch of sophisticated grace to your dining room while remaining extremely adaptable to dynamic living spaces in our extendable oval tables.

Choose a modern extendable dining table that suits the style of your living space. And if you need advice or more information, contact us. Our staff will be happy to assist you during the buying process and answer your questions.


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