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Viadurini Fire Design
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Viadurini Fire Design
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Viadurini Fire Design
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Heating your home with radiators for savings and a design all made in Italy.

In this home heating section, Viadurini presents products for every need of heating and at the same time furnishing environments.
Yes, because the aesthetic side is also important. In fact, you can find products that combine energy efficiency, aesthetics and compactness such as the high-powered italian heated radiators by Xò by Metalform exclusively on Viadurini and heated towel rails by the well-known Italian brand Scirocco.
Alongside these extremely efficient and functional products, you can also find products with a primarily aesthetic function, such as electric fireplaces and bioethanol fireplaces, available in many different types: from small dimensions for table use to wall recessed models very similar to real fireplaces to conclude with the models from the ground easily movable from one room to another of the house.

Bioethanol fireplaces (or bio-fireplaces for the sake of brevity) work by burning a very environmentally friendly fuel that offers a pleasant aesthetic effect. We wanted to offer you in the Viadurini online store the best bioethanol fireplaces on the market to offer you a simple but brilliant idea. By using this type of fireplace you will not only be able to easily heat your home, but above all you will have a modern and design accessory in full respect of eco-sustainability. No polluting emissions, no encumbrance due to timber stocks, no installation problems as it is fast and safe.

An alternative to bioethanol are electric fireplaces.
Although it may seem strange to those unfamiliar with this type of product, most of the electric fireplaces in the Viadurini Fire Design collection operate on water.
In fact, the steam simulates with great realism the effect of flames and smoke giving the flame effect of a traditional fireplace, but without the need for a chimney and maintaining a high level of energy efficiency that greatly limits consumption.

For any need, please contact us, we will respond in real time to assist you in every step of the purchase process.
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