Straight Razor and Gillette - Beard Products with Italian Handcrafted Blades

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Gillette razors and straight razor to ensure an accurate and perfect cut of the beard - Italian craftsmanship

In this section you will find the best of beard trimming products , blades and handles made by master craftsmen of the Italian territory who over the years have handed down the noble art of creating flawless blades and firm and creative handles.

In addition to razors, you will also find products such as brushes to clean hair residues from your tools

The freehand shaving gives a special flavor to a daily habit like that of shaving: from old-style, made entirely by hand, is undoubtedly a fascinating subject for design, durability, ergonomics.

Original freehand razors and the best materials, for a traditional and perfect shave

There are no other types of blades whose sharpness is comparable to that of a razor.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a modern saturation, we offer you the latest generation gillette razors .

We offer the most varied handles that satisfy all tastes; many different models for: sizes, shapes, materials and colors.

For information or questions, contact our Help Desk service , we will help you at every stage of your choice.

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