Natural Energizing Fragrances | Reed Diffuser Sticks Made in Italy

Natural energizing fragrances with fruity, floral, amber and spicy essences; ideal for hotels, restaurants and homes. Energizing fragrances with reed diffusers selected by Viadurini and made in Italy by perfume craftsmen: Wild Must, Red Wine, Vanilla and Mou, Amber and Limited Edition Ginger and Black Pepper.
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Reed diffuser sticks of natural energizing fragrances of Italian handicraft production

The room reed diffuser sticks are fragrance diffusers and luxurious furnishing elements made of precious glass

Perfumes with olfactory notes that radiate energy and strength made in Italy by craftsmen perfumers who composed the essences.

You can find them in the 3 proposed formats :
  • 200 ml - Duration of about 3 months
  • 500 ml - Duration of about 6/7 months
  • 2.5 Lt - Duration approximately 10/12 months
The 200 and 500 ml versions are ideal for environments of normal or small spaces while for environments of great importance we recommend the 2.5 liter version that can last many months and constantly release the fragrance of your choice on larger spaces.

The fragrances proposed by us in this section are ideal for environments such as:
  • Living area
  • Sleeping area
  • Entrance
  • Office
  • Living room
  • Restaurants, SPA and Hotels
The fragrances were created by Italian perfumers who have selected the following fragrances for this type:
  • Land of Montalcino
  • Chianti red
  • Sands of Salento
  • Eternal Rome
  • VIADURINI IN BLACK (Limited Edition)
For any information or question about our products, contact our Help Desk service, we will be happy to answer all your requests.
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