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Custom Made Beds - Made in Italy

Custom made, made in Italy quality beds and modern or classic design with or without storage.

On Viadurini you can request the furniture tailored to your needs, we can produce for you children's bedrooms, Nets for bed, Mattresses and Custom Beds.
Not for nothing we have made the largest bed in Italy!

We are able to create single or double beds for adults and children with or without storage.
We can supply you with upholstered beds, made of wood, or wrought iron beds. All the products can be customized by choosing to insert the chest of drawers or the container, the b with gas pistons (to make it easier to lift it) or the net with manual lift and ergonomic mattresses made of removable or anti-mite memory or latex.

Our custom upholstered beds are available in fabric, leather and eco-leather and can be fitted as an option:
  • the color therapy behind the headboard
  • courtesy led lights under the side fascia (to facilitate the descent from the bed)
For lovers of tradition and the classic, we can supply custom-made wrought-iron beds of any color (also chosen by the client), providing them with optional extras such as canopies, dresser or container.
All our customized products are 100% made in Italy.