Modern Round Dining Tables Italian Design for Home

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Modern round dining tables for a design dining room and round dining table extendable to furnish the spaces of the house. Round tables made with high quality materials by Italian craftsmen. Made in Italy quality.
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Viadurini in the Garden
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Viadurini Living
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Viadurini Living
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Viadurini Living
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Viadurini Living
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Viadurini Living
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Viadurini Living
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Viadurini Living
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Viadurini Living
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Viadurini Living
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Modern round dining tables and extendable round table in wood or glass and ceramic.

The round dining table is without doubt the prince of your home. An important furniture to make your daily zone warm and comfortable. If you are creative people tired of seeing the same shapes rectangular or squares and you wish to create a curvy line in your kitchen or living room thi is the section perfect for you!

The modern round dining tables that we offer you have different seizes, there are the fixed tables for those who have available a little space and the extendable round tables for those who needs to rise in a pratical and fast way the places at the table. As regards to the materials we have really for all the tastes. From the marble to the crystal, from the tempered glass to the wood for the tops, from the metal to the teak wood for the bases.
Each style is here represented, the modernity you can find in the Bonaldo Collection thanks to the specialties of the bases. These tables will become your living room unique and original. The classique world instead we can fnd it in the Viadurini Living Collection, with his lines sinuous and graceful to crate an older atmosphere.

Come to discover and to live your creativity through the best propositions of round tables to give at your home a fresh and elegant touch. Your guests will be captured by the beauty that these tables released. They invite really at the conviviality an to the sharing.

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