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Modern dining tables of italian design

The table is undoubtedly the main piece of furniture in the dining room.
In our online shop you can find a wide range of dining tables made of glass, ceramics and wood. Characterized by a modern and original design.
If you do not know which one to choose here is epr you a small guide:

The wooden dining tables are much loved for the welcoming aesthetics that communicate and for the durability of the material.
Wood can be of various types; depending on the tree they come from and are called "essences". First of all, it can be divided into two main categories:
  • hard as pear, oak, walnut, boxwood, cherry
  • tender as fir, linden, poplar, pine
The solid wood is the so-called "solid wood" valuable and exclusive because it is obtained directly from the trunk of the tree. Moreover it is unique because the pieces in which it is worked do not present solutions of continuity. However, a fixed wooden table is combined with shabby chic and rustic environments, but also modern to give a warmer touch to the living room.

A glass dining table is a perfect solution for those looking for refinement and modernity. The design of the fixed glass table, round or rectangular gives substance to an industrial and contemporary environment. The beauty of a glass table is that thanks to its transparency, it gives more light to the environment obtaining an effect of greater space thanks to the plays of reflections and contrasts of light.

Instead for a more innovative solution you can opt for a ceramic dining table. Chic but also easy to clean. The realization of the shelves of these tables implies the use of high-tech ceramic materials, which the main Italian and European producers call in different ways: Glass-ceramic, Superceramic, Cristalceramica, Laminam®, etc.

For any doubt or to have a personalized quote please contact us. Our staff will be pleased to advise you on the purchase of your Italian design dining table.


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