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Decorative vases with a unique and elegant design, ideal for indoor or outdoor spaces.

The designer vases proposed in our collection are much more than simple flower holders. Our decorative vases are real works of art with a clean or complex line, which play on geometry or roundness to best complement your environment.
Your plants deserve only the best of design. Choose the perfect one for the home or office, the plants will thank you.
To make each seedling grow well or to accommodate a flowery bouquet, the choice of the right vases is fundamental and must be evaluated starting from the furniture and furnishings already present: both indoors and outdoors. There are many models of vases, inspired by as many different styles: classic, modern, minimal or baroque, to accommodate plants and flowers but not only! Even as simple ornamental objects. The important thing is that they fit well in the context in which you decide to insert them.
Get creative with the different designs: for a minimalist and high-impact effect, choose tall vases and modern vases with improbable shapes, or opt for the classic rectangular, round or square ones.
  • Rectangular pots: ideal for the balcony, thanks to their long and narrow shape, the rectangular pots are perfect as a planter or even to decorate the corridor.
  • Tall vases: their slender figure adorns without taking up too much space. Whether they are tall indoor vases or tall outdoor vases, they are spectacular and fascinating.
  • Design vases: thanks to their unusual shapes, design vases can change the look of a space giving a refined touch.

Maintenance tips: Taking care of the pots is simple. To clean glass and ceramic vases, you can dip them in warm water and neutral soap and brush them gently with a sponge. For plastic pots, you can use a solution of water and white vinegar, useful for removing dirt and limescale.

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