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Set of professional knives and handmade kitchen knives signed by the famous Italian brand "Coltellerie Berti".

In this section of our site we offer you professional knives sets and kitchen knives designed by the famous Italien brand "Coltellerie Berti".
There are various models of knives that we offer in our online catalog different for functionality, material of the blade and the handle.

Knife blade materials:
Carbon steel: a very ancient steel and carbon alley. The product resulting is typically of high resistance and low price. However, it might get rusty quite easily and therefore it requires a cautious care.
Inox steel: it has the special characteristic of being acid and humidity resistant as well, thus it will never get rusty.
Knife handle materials:
Wood: a wooden knife handle is very practical but, due to the porosity of the material itself, it is likely to absorb micro-organisms. Therefore, dishwasher should be avoided in favor of hand wash.
Inox steel: this is the preferred material by Chefs, thanks to its resistance and sanitary characteristics. They are quite heavy, so they’d better be tested to know if they match personal expectations and abilities.  

There are many models of knives on our site you will find them divided into pocket knives, cheese knives with special sets, table knives to set our table every day with style. 
And for the most professional kitchen knives the chef knife, vegetable knife (Santoku), serrated knife, knife for deboning, for threading and also big roast forks

Discover all the products of Coltellerie Berti on our online catalog and contact us in case of beams or to get a personalized quote.
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