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High quality linens for every environment: living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

Viadurini has selected for you the best products in the world of home textiles of Italian origin which are characterized by: high quality materials and workmanship, durability, comfort and design.

You will find linens for the bedroom such as duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases.
Kitchen and dining table linen such as tissue, aprons, tea towels / kitchen towels, table runners, America placemats and tablecloths.
You will find bathroom linen such as towels, bathrobes and shower mats.
Plaids, curtains, rugs and tapestries ideal for setting up and making every space of your living or living room comfortable.
Finally, the fine prints of the Romagna region of Italy, handcrafted with a unique process in the world.

The highest quality materials that are used for the creation of these works are: linen, cotton, silk, jute, gauze, vinyl and fleece.

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