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Garden armchairs made of high-quality materials for furnishing terraces and outdoor environments with a modern style. Outdoor armchairs of Italian design for an elegant garden.
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Garden armchairs to furnish your outdoor space, balcony and terrace with modern, Italian style

A designer garden armchair is essential for your garden. Give yourself pleasant moments of relaxation with a garden sofa.

To meet all needs and tastes you will find outdoor armchairs made of different materials. For those who love the classic style, we have teak-framed armchairs in classic or rocking versions. If you want a modern ambience, we have steel or polyethylene armchairs for you.

If you have a swimming pool and love sunbathing on the water, floating armchairs are perfect for you. They are available with double or single seats and feature a modern design made in Italy!

Living room armchairs for garden

The quest for elegance and comfort finds its peak in our selection of garden living room armchairs. For those who love Italian design and functionality, these armchairs are not just furniture, but true works of art.

Each armchair is quality and made in Italy. It offers a relaxing outdoor experience. You can relax on a sunny terrace or in a quiet corner of the garden. Armchairs add luxury to your outdoor space.

Comfortable garden and terrace armchairs

Comfort is king in the world of outdoor furniture. That is why our comfortable garden armchairs are designed to offer an unparalleled seating experience.

Combining ergonomics and aesthetics, each garden armchair is an invitation to relax. Ideal for modern terraces or classic gardens, our outdoor armchairs adapt to any environment, promising moments of luxurious relaxation.

The variety of styles, from patio armchairs to more contemporary designs, guarantees perfect harmony with your outdoor furniture. Our garden armchairs are perfect for comfort and style. Whether you want a quiet reading corner or a space for your guests.

Folding garden armchairs

Practicality meets design in our collection of folding garden armchairs. Perfect for those looking to maximise space without sacrificing style, these armchairs are the epitome of functionality.

Their clever design makes them perfect for small outdoor spaces or as extra seating during large outdoor parties. Each folding armchair is an example of how Italian design can make everyday life more elegant and practical.

Made of durable materials, these armchairs guarantee not only great durability, but also exceptional seating comfort. Their ease of use makes them indispensable for those who wish to enjoy the outdoors.

Stackable garden armchairs

Our range of stackable garden armchairs perfectly combines functionality and design. These armchairs, designed to be easily stackable, are the ideal solution for outdoor spaces where flexibility is essential.

They are perfect for restaurants, hotels or private homes where space is limited. In addition to practicality, these armchairs do not compromise on style.

Each model is elegant and refined, with an Italian design. It adapts well to all outdoor styles. The materials used are weather-resistant, making the product durable and long-lasting.

Our stackable armchairs are ideal for daily or occasional use. They are comfortable, pleasant and elegant.

Garden chairs and armchairs: which are the best materials

Choosing the right material for your garden chairs and armchairs is essential to ensure durability, style and comfort.

Our selection offers a wide range of materials, each with its own unique advantages. The plastic armchair is a popular option due to its light weight and ease of maintenance. It is weather-resistant and comes in a variety of vibrant colours.

For those who prefer a natural look, the wooden armchair is ideal. It brings warmth and elegance to any outdoor space and ages gracefully.

Metal armchairs provide unparalleled strength and longevity, ideal for heavy use. The rattan armchair is graceful and lightweight, while the fabric armchair is comfortable and elegant.

Each material is carefully chosen to withstand the elements while complementing your outdoor furniture. With durable materials and sophisticated design, our garden armchairs are the ideal choice for those seeking uncompromising elegance.

Garden Armchairs

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