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Mirror radiator for home heating made with high quality materials with an elegant and refined style. The best designer mirror radiators of made in Italy design for living room heating.
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Mirror radiator and designer mirror radiators for designer home heating.

An elegant gift for your home. The models selected by our staff are both with hot water and electric to meet your every need.

Vertical radiator with mirror are the latest trend in the field of designer radiator. Unlike the bulky traditional radiators in steel, they have a limited overall dimensions (at most 6 cm from the wall). They are also distinguished by their clean, minimalist style and their strong visual impact: a real piece of furniture that will make both your living area unique.
These radiators are composed entirely of glass and aluminum, and have a very high resistance to corrosive agents. All the chromatic finishes are fixed with a cooking procedure of 650 degrees, guaranteeing its resistance and chromatic invariability over time.

Choose for your home or the waiting room of your office a mirror radiator to give a unique elegance to your spaces.
Our staff is at your disposal to give you more information and to assist you during the buying process and to answwer at your questions about our products.
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