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Electric mirror radiator made of tempered glass Barry, modern design

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Alessandro Tesolin & Dario Scattone
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Viadurini Design Radiators
Electric mirror radiator made of tempered glass Barry, modern design
Featuring elegant and minimalistic lines, Jonny is suitable for all environments, from classic to more modern ones, following the latest trends.
These Electric System radiators are mostly made from 100% recyclable materials.
They feature the most advanced technology, thanks to which the product can identify the best way of heating up the environment. This special technology avoids energy waste by idling the surface temperature of the product and by blocking it automatically in case of swift temperature fluctuations within the environment.
Furthermore, our  electric radiators are equipped with the art TOUCH-SCREEN control system which, together with the remote control, optimises the radiator's  performance.
The daily and weekly chrono-thermostat allows to program the switching on and off, in order to obtain a flexible and adaptable heating according to the user's needs.
The three preset temperature modes allow to select, depending on the size of the environment and on the desired temperature, the most suitable heating mode for each situation, thus avoiding energy waste.
The construction of these Electric System radiators provides the use of double tempered glass which, in case of breakage, guarantees a 1 B1 level safety performance, in compliance with the UNI 12600 European standard.
In addition, the construction thus formed provides a class 2 electronic insulation level and a IP 55 protection level, thereby ensuring maximum safety also in humid environments such as bathrooms, swimming pools, saunas etc.
Moreover, the Electric System radiators are equipped with various safety devices: in case of overheating of the plate, the electrical board immediately causes the radiator to switch to stand-by mode, and in case the electrical board's action may not be sufficient, the device is fitted with a double safety sensor that records its surface temperature and immediately blocks the radiator.
In addition, the radiator is equipped with a room temperature setting function that adjusts to the surface temperature. In case of the presence of children, it allows to enhance the device's safety by preventing the plate to reach high temperatures while obtaining, at the same time, the desired temperature.
The Electric System radiators has an anti-freeze function to set the minimum environment temperature.  
All the Electric System version radiators are equipped with a standard remote control.

Note: This radiator is available with different dimensions, choose the best one for you.
If you wish to purchase the towel hooks and/or the towel rail, contact us and send an email to

The product includes:

- Radiator (45 mm wall distance)
- Standard remote control

- Durability: Entirely made and designed in Italy, the radiators are produced using only high quality materials. Almost entirely made of glass and aluminium, they are highly resistant to corrosive agents, thereby ensuring the maximum invariance of the product and allowing installation in both saline and high-humidity environments or in presence of chlorine. Any radiators' chromatic finish is fixed with a 600-degrees baking process, thus ensuring its resistance and chromatic invariability over time.
Healthiness: The heating system heats up the environment through radiation of the heat emitters, avoiding the creation of convective motions and thus eliminating the raising of dust particles, pollens or other allergens within closed environments. The heating system emits long-wave infrared which are very similar to the rays emitted by the sun and which are positively perceived by the human body creating a sense of well-being. In addition, thanks to the absence of hidden surfaces, our radiators have a high degree of cleanability, which allows them to be installed in environments requiring high hygienic and sanitary performance, such as public places and hospitals.
Flexibility: All models can be installed both horizontally and vertically for the maximum adaptability to the needs of every single environment. Accessories such as towel rails and hooks make them perfect for bathrooms or kitchens.
Safety: Made of tempered glass, the radiators boast the highest safety glass certification. A plastic adhesive film is inserted during construction, allowing the glass to qualify for the B1 European certificate, which ensures an equal performance to that of a laminated shatterproof glass. Once the product is installed, the specially designed clamps prevent inadvertent unhooking, in compliance with the German regulation on radiators safety. Electrical versions allow to select a low surface temperature (50 °C) so to avoid contact with excessively high temperature surfaces for children or elderly people which might touch them or lean on them inadvertently.
- Design: The radiators are the result of a careful study on shapes and on their visual-emotional impact on man. Their clean and essential design, together with the customisation of finishes and size, makes them adaptable to any environment and style, from classic to cutting-edge modern. Compared to traditional heat emitters, the radiators feature limited overall dimensions as, by minimizing the thickness of the plate, they reach a maximum overall size of 6 cm from the wall.
- Easy installation: The Electric System series radiators only need the clamps to be fixed onto the wall.
Eco-sustainability: This model has the highest consideration for the environment we live in, always thoroughly considering the environmental impact of its products in each stage of their life. All the components used are carefully selected for their characteristics of eco-compatibility and recyclability. Thanks to the application of innovative technologies, all products feature high technical and aesthetic resistance properties, thus ensuring a long-lasting product life. The construction technique of radiators allows for their easy disassembly, thus significantly reducing the environmental impact of the product in its disposal phase. Electrical versions incorporate advanced energy-saving features such as the daily and weekly programming of the environment's temperatures; the “open window” function allowing the radiator to perceive a sudden temperature drop in the room and consequently switching off for 30 minutes; and the presence function which, through a presence sensor, lowers the radiator's temperature in case nobody is in the room. Radiators are optimised to work with photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, condensing boilers and other renewable energy systems.
Energy saving: The heating system allows to heat the environment mainly by radiation, this allows to directly heat up the elements in the room which, in turn, release their heat into the environment. This procedure allows to have a comfortable environmental temperature with a significantly lower air temperature compared to traditional systems. And one degree less in air temperature is equal to a saving of at least 7 % of the energy consumption.
- Controls: Electrical versions are fitted with a state of the art touch-screen control board and a remote control with LCD display to allow for the best possible adjustment to every single environment and user.

The Viadurini Design Radiators collection is extremely attentive to environmental sustainability and to energy-saving measures. Each product from this collection combines technology with design, with style and with the latest trends. In this collection you will find efficient and modern products in response  to the requests of temperature and environment changements. Viadurini Design Radiators proposes high quality products, entirely made in Italy, made exclusively from the best quality materials.

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