Extendable Console Tables of Classic and Modern Style

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Extendable console table to furnish the entrance hall or living room in a classic and modern style. A functional furnishing accessory made from high-quality materials that offers the best of Made in Italy and international design.
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Extendable Console Tables for Every Lifestyle

Extendable consoles are designed to suit every lifestyle, offering exceptional adaptability and meticulous design. Whether to meet the demands of a small space or to complete a large living room, these consoles meet every need with elegance.

At the heart of Italian design, console tables embody a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Designed to fit elegantly into any environment, these creations represent the essence of Italian craftsmanship, transforming any space into a corner of refinement and style.

Innovation blends with tradition to give life to pieces of furniture that are not just utilitarian objects, but true works of art.

Modern Extendable Console: Italian Design

In the world of interior design, the modern extendable console represents a perfect fusion of style and functionality. These pieces, with their clean lines and avant-garde design, fit harmoniously into the contemporary aesthetic of any living space.

Their ability to transform and expand makes them ideal solutions for those looking to maximise their space without compromising on elegance.

Classic Extensible Console: Timeless Elegance and Traditional Charm

The classic extendable console is a celebration of timeless elegance and traditional charm. Each piece is a symphony of refined detail, combining noble materials such as solid wood and meticulous finishes. True to the heritage of Italian design, these consoles bring a touch of classic sophistication to any interior.

Extendable Wooden Console Tables

Extendable wooden consoles embody natural beauty and durability. Made from high-quality woods, they bring warmth and authenticity to any interior. Their robust appearance and natural elegance make them ideal for those who appreciate rustic charm combined with modern functionality.

Extendable Glass Console Tables

Extendable glass consoles are a symbol of contemporary elegance and transparency. With their sleek designs and shiny glass surfaces, they bring a touch of modernity and lightness to any space.

Extendable Ceramic Console Tables

Extendable ceramic consoles represent a perfect fusion of strength and style. These pieces, with their refined ceramic surfaces, combine durability and aesthetics. Their sophisticated finish adds an elegant, modern touch to any interior.

Extendable Consoles with Integrated Extensions : Versatility and Ease of Use

Extendable consoles with built-in extensions are the ultimate in versatility and ease of use. These ingenious pieces, with their integrated extension mechanism, allow quick and easy transformation, adapting perfectly to different occasions and space requirements.

Extendable Entrance Consoles: Reception and Functional Elegance

Entrance consoles offer an elegant and functional welcome. Designed specifically for the entrance area, these pieces combine practicality with sophisticated design.

Extendable Consoles that can be Converted into Tables

Extendable consoles that can be transformed into tables are the symbol of innovation and versatility in interior design. Capable of transforming from a console into a table, they offer an ideal solution for multi-purpose spaces.

A perfect piece of furniture for those who like to make the most of their space. A piece of furniture that, in a few simple steps, can be transformed from a pocket-emptying and decorative console into an extendable table for hosting dinner parties and aperitifs with friends.

Our selection of staff for you only the best in design, we always try to combine the high quality of Made in Italy with an innovative and original style.

The console tables on offer here are perfect for decorating your home in your chosen style. Classic, square lines for the wooden extendable console table painted white, but also bolder lines in the legs that cross creating an effect of movement for the modern extendable console table, in this case using materials such as steel.

Discover our proposals in our online catalogue and choose the extendable console table that best suits your needs. If you need any clarification or information, we'll be happy to help and assist you throughout the purchasing process. Don't hesitate to contact us at our e-mail address, in the appropriate chat room or by telephone.

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