Fixed and Extendable Oval Dining Tables

The oval tables from Viadurini Living collection are characterized by the union of elegance and functionality. Our fixed and extended oval dining tables are the ideal solution if you want to furnish your dining room but also any other space you desire. These tables have great versatility thanks to the oval shapes of the tabletop. They are perfect for family dinners, parties, and work meetings due to the easy mechanism that allows the table to extend easily.
Made with high-quality materials, such as wood, ceramic, and marble, these tables are the symbol of Made in Italy luxury and comfort.
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Oval Tables; Italian Modern Design

If you are tired of the usual rectangular tables and you are searching for something that conveys your personality and sophisticated style, you are in the right place. Our fixed oval tables and extended oval tables represent the maximum expression of Italian design and high-quality craftsmanship
Viadurini accomplished a very careful selection to offer customers products made with the most precious materials. From the accurate choice of raw materials, it is possible to achieve strong and durable tables.
The tables that make up this section are created and designed using different materials to better suit the various needs and furniture styles.

Oval Wooden Tables

For those who love the classic design, our wood tables with oval shape, are a true tribute to Italian craftsmanship. Each grain tells a story, making your table a unique piece.

Oval Glass Tables

In reverse if you want a modern, clean look, tempered glass is the right choice for you. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, giving a sense of lightness to the room in which it is placed, glass tables are also scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

Oval Tables in Marble

Another extremely trendy material in the making of planes in oval tables is marble. A symbol of luxury and elegance, the marble table is perfect for adding a sumptuous touch to one's environment. Each piece is carefully selected to ensure the best quality.

Oval Dining Tables

One of the biggest advantages that prompts the purchase of an oval table is undoubtedly their incredible versatility in adapting to different spaces. These tables are placed effortlessly in dining rooms large and small, and thanks to the oval shape of their planes, they allow a more natural flow around the table, making each meal a more intimate experience. In addition, unlike rectangular tables, oval tables do not have sharp corners, which means you can make the most of the seating capacity by becoming the star piece of furniture for family dinners, drinks with friends or business meetings.

Extendable Oval Tables

Viadurini recommends for those who have limited spaces but like to organize lunches and dinners in their home, an oval extendable table. With a few simple moves you can extend your table to accommodate your guests, without sacrificing style or functionality. Explore our collection of oval tables and find the perfect one for you. After all, life is too short to furnish your home with less than the best. No matter where you are, we will bring a piece of Italy directly to your home.
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