Tableware for Luxury Table: Cutlery, Plates and Glasses Made in Italy

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Italian design tea and coffee set, dishes, glasses and brings toppings for the table and the kitchen.

If you love luxury, elegance and refinement, you'll love this section dedicated to all those designer products necessary to prepare a table that reflects your desires. No detail will be overlooked, keywords are beauty and style to make your tables unique and precious.

We searched for you the best and we found it in the collection Versace Home porcelain and crystals. The first collection is dominated by the colors red/gold and blue/gold, colors always synonymous with royalty decorate with elegance and sophistication the table service (plates, tureens, oven), tea services and the magnificent set with coffee cups. In the second collection instead of the edges gilded adorn chalices for wine, flute for champagne and jugs to hold wine and bitters.

Finally, to complete this wonderful table can not miss the curtlery signed Rosenthal Sambonet. Cutlery with different styles: the bon-ton, classic and with a touch of modernity to satisfy the desires of all of you. Different styles, but united by the beauty and brightness that emanates from every single fork, knife or spoon of the service.

Discover how to make your table a true gem of luxury!
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