Aperitif Service 12 Pieces Modern White Porcelain Design Plates - Nalah

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£ 95,57 £ 119,46 -20%
Material aluminum porcelain
Measures Plate: 20x18 cm Bowl: 19x9.5x5 cm
Color White ivory
Delivery time 10/15 working days

Porcelain appetizer plates set, 12 pieces of modern, elegant and resistant design.

Service consisting of :
  • n.6 Snack plate 20x18 cm
  • n.6 Appetizer bowl cm 19x9.5x5
This versatile dish service is characterized by the material it is made of, that is, a particular porcelain in the composition of which a special raw material, corundum, is added to make it more resistant and elegant.

But beyond the particular material, the collection is also characterized by the originality of the products and the beauty of the shapes that compose it. The study and research of forms has been directed to give personality and originality to the mise en table, so that it can be noticed and remembered. In the multifaceted and vast culinary proposal, it is now established that differentiation is essential and the first impact is given precisely by the mise en table and by the "aesthetic" presentation of one's culinary proposals. The service serves this purpose: the wide assortment , the generous dimensions and the versatility of the products give many ideas for an original interpretation of their dishes and an optimal presentation.

The striking elements of the porcelain allow for a variety of different presentations . Here, therefore, a salad bowl is well suited to accommodate ice, to serve fresh drinks.
The definition "classic beauty" is represented by a table set in a simple but at the same time of natural elegance, able to tell the story of a dish beyond its aromas and colors.

Strengths :
  • Quality : the multifunctionality of the products and the careful study of shapes, colors and materials, allow you to create a unique mise en place capable of bringing multiple experiences with taste and style to life.
  • Design : this is an eco-friendly line and all the elements of the collection are distinguished by the fully harmonious trend of the lines, with the precious ivory white color.
  • Originality : the bold combination of original lines with a "non-conformist" design is brought to the table to excite.
  • Versatility : the products have been specially designed to adapt to any type of food and environment, so that they can be used both for appetizers, first courses, second courses or desserts, giving space to imagination and creativity. A versatile collection for unlimited combinations.

The color :
  • Slightly ivory white, reminiscent of bone china but with a warmer and less aseptic shade than normal white, for this very appreciated.
Composition :
  • 100% Aluxina: porcelain with 30% corundum.
The latter is a mineral with very high hardness (second only to diamond) and the addition to the mixture has the dual effect of reducing the porosity of the porcelain, making it more robust, and allowing cooking of the products at higher temperatures, other feature that gives greater resistance . Both these effects therefore make the products much more solid than normal porcelain.
The choice of this material is therefore designed to offer a product resistant to scratches and chipping, also ideal for intensive and professional use.

Technical features:
  • Excellent value for money, especially in relation to the very long life cycle of the product. The initial expense is amortized over a long period and is therefore an optimal investment even for those who stress the pieces of the mise en table to the maximum.
  • Corundum is a hard and stable mineral that contains iron, titanium, chromium and vanadium. It ranks second in the ranking of the hardest minerals in the world.
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