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Suspended or Ground Bathroom Furniture Set - Made in Italy Design Furniture

A selection of bathroom furniture sets of modern design with suspended and free-standing furniture.

The bathroom furniture compositions proposed in our catalog include wonderful wall mirrors, single or double washbasin cabinets made of high quality materials in vintage style and modern style and in some cases designer towel racks. Customizable finishes.

The materials used are both traditional materials and innovative materials: solid teak, aluminum, lacquered mdf, barricaded laminate, in walnut or oak, natural acrylic stone.
These wall-mounted bathroom furniture, usually easy to assemble, is an elegant and space-saving solution. They allow easy cleaning and the insertion of carpets and other accessories underneath.

Complete bathroom furniture, made and composed to satisfy every need and style. Discover the entire collection and ask us for a personalized quote. Our staff will be happy to prepare your quote and answer your questions to assist you throughout the journey.