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Stone Sink Handmade - Made in Italy Design

A stone basin is a unique piece of furniture, which can turn your bathroom into a special environment.

It also have the rare quality of becoming even more beautiful with the passage of time, acquiring the characteristic patina.

If you love natural materials, decorating your bathroom with a natural stone designer basins is the ideal solution to complete your bathroom furniture. On viadurini you will find several stone sinks at affordable prices and in particular a wide range of different and particular stones, such as marble, river stone and black basalt.
Free standing wash basin or countertop basin the shapes are many and different to meet every need, conical shape for freestanding washbasins and more classic round, oval or square shapes for the countertop wash basins.
The only attention that these stone basins need is to use only water for cleaning or neutral products made specifically for cleaning natural stones, avoiding acid-based products.

For more information please contact us at our email address or our phone number, our satff will be happy to help you in choosing the right sink for your bathroom.