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Natural black basalt stone countertop washbasin Kali

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Viadurini Bathroom
Countertop washbasin in natural black basalt stone  Kali
Dimensions: diameter 26 xh 13

Basalt is an effusive rock of volcanic origin.  The dark colour comes from the ultrabasic magma from which it originates; it is mainly composed of silicates of iron and magnesium, calcic plagioclase and pyroxene.
Basalt has excellent technical characteristics not subjected to alteration, like a high degree of compactness with excellent resistance to mechanical stresses and shocks, low frost resistance and high slip resistance.

Basalt as a natural stone is characterised by the presence of  veins, of different colours and shades and of micro-cracks and holes. A perfect surface is possible only in resin or ceramic products that are artificially made with industrial procedures.
Our products go through severe control procedures;  holes or micro-cracks are refined mixing proper colour resin with residues.

As for all natural stones, ONLY WATER or NEUTRAL DETERGENT PRODUCTS FOR STONES or WATER BASED PRODUCTS must be used. Acid based products can damage the stone structure and surface in less than a few weeks.

It's ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL TO APPLY A NATURAL STONE'S TREATMENT AT THE MOMENT OF THE INSTALLATION and to repeat it periodically, according to the usage habits and to different calcareus waters.  ONLY natural stone's treatments must be used.

washbasin in natural beige stone Sumatra
Dimensions: Diameter 40.6 x 53 x H 15
  • excellent quality / price ratio
  • original design
  • marble and natural stones
  • exclusive collection Viadurini

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