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Plastic Garden Chairs Foldable and with Armrests Made in Italy

Plastic chairs for garden or outdoor, stackable and with armrests for greater comfort

The outdoor chairs in our selection are made with different types of plastic materials such as resin, plastic and polypropylene.

These components make it possible to create quality garden chairs and above all resistant to the wear and tear of weather conditions. All this protects the integrity of the product and gives a further advantage: maintenance.

One of the classics of the outdoors, especially in bathing establishments with dining areas, swimming pools and accommodation facilities are the plastic garden chairs. One of the main reasons is that they are easily stackable outdoor chairsBy fitting them one into the other, it is possible to minimize spaces and store them at the end of the activity in the smallest possible space.

Then there are also stackable plastic chairs or mixed resin and rattan or plastic chairs. Generally this type of chair consists of comfortable armrests.