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Modern design TV cabinet for the living room: swivel, wall, corner and with wheels for every need.

Have you decided to buy a new TV, but you don't have a piece of furniture suitable for your living room to put it on? Viadurini has the solution just for you!
Wonderful TV cabinets with a wide choice of shapes, design and materials used for the interior of the Viadurini Living Collection.

Wood is a protagonist material used in combination with metal for a modern style or alone as in the furniture produced with solid brushed white fir wood. A classic and elegant touch for your living area thanks also to the delicate colour of this piece of furniture.
For those who love unique handcraft products, you can not let yourself escape the TV stands made with the precious and ancient stone of Vicenza. A natural stone sculpted by meilluers artisans to create unique sculptures that together with the lightness of the glass will make your living room precious.

Is that all? You're asking yourself, not at all! We also thought of people who like a more minimal and modern style for their house, by advising them the furniture "Mago Double" realized completely in transparent plexiglass. A touch of modernity that will leave your guests speechless.
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