Bedroom Chest of Drawers to Furnish with Modern and Vintage Design

Vintage chest of drawers, modern, shabby chic and ethnic design to furnish with the made in Italy style every space of the house like bedroom, entrance and living room.
Bedroom chest of d
rawers in
metal, wood and plastic of different colors and finishes, high quality and luxury furniture.
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Bedroom chest of drawers with vintage, modern and shabby chic design Made in Italy

Colored chest of drawers to furnish a bedroom, an entrance or a living room. The chest of drawers are space-saving furniture with a wide use. Depending on the room in which it is placed, it allows you to better manage the spaces available in your home.

Viadurini has carefully selected different styles that represent the best of Italian craft products.
  • Vintage chest of drawers for environments made in the timeless retro style.
  • Shabby chic or Provencal chest of drawers to make the rooms more sunny and spacious thanks to the white and warm tones typical of this style.
  • Design chest of drawers designed to be daring with unusual shapes and colors, specifically designed to capture the eyes of guests.
  • Modern chest of drawers for those who love innovative materials, geometric lines and unique colors.
With the bedroom chest of drawers you can give a completely innovative touch to the home and you will also be sure that you have chosen a quality product thanks to the high quality materials used like wood, metal and plastic.
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