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Vintage mirrors aside for a touch of retro and classic style made in Italy

Do you want to have a new, original and innovative element for your bedroom, but at the same time give it a retro taste? We are sure that these vintage mirrors will please you.

The use of vintage mirrors can be a great success. In the case of vintage mirrors, they help to revive the atmosphere by giving dynamism to every room.

The vintage mirror cannot be missing in a bedroom or in a room; we settle down every day looking in the mirror. Reason that makes it a protagonist element like the other furniture present.

Since we want to give the mirror eleganceto make it the star, it is essential to install it in a central place where it is noticed: it must be an element of attraction.

We must also remember, that in addition to its decorative function, it is an element that we use every day to observe ourselves.

The main places to place a vintage mirror in your room:
  • Facing the bed: gets symmetry with the bed. Here it keeps the balance of the room in symmetry with the bed and remains an attractive element.
  • In a side wall: in any side wall; gains importance as a decorative element in this area.
Any shade can translate into a vintage concept: it all depends on how the material is worked, the design, as well as the shape of the object itself.
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