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Flower Paintings and Decorative Panels with Floral Motifs - Made in Italy

Panels with flowers and paintings with floral motifs for home decoration with modern design.

"A flower is short, but the joy it gives in a minute is one of those things that do not have a beginning or an end."
(Paul Claudel)

The flowers paintings are perfect for both the living area and the night area.
The chromatic touches in relief and the imperfect brushes make a special painting. The flowers have always inspired poets and artists to create wonderful works of art. That's why in a house you can not give up the explosion of colors of a handmade painting able to make you lose in its magical atmosphere. In a handmade painting there is the passion and strength of an artist. With or without frame, the modern paintings with flowers are able to integrate perfectly in every environment: modern, classic and vintage.

In our e-commerce you can find a large collection of modern paintings with hand painted or printed flowers on canvas but also paintings with embossed flowers for a 3D effect, at discounted prices. Take a few minutes to look at every flower painting available. Let me communicate pleasant emotions and sensations and choose to capture what you like most by buying the flowered picture of your dreams!