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Entrance console table to furnish the entrance to your home with a refined Italian design. A functional console table with attention to every detail, for a living room that's always on trend.
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The Elegance and Functionality of Entrance Console Tables

Our selection of console tables fuses the elegance and functionality of Italian design.

Each console table, whether in a modern or classic style, embodies luxury and craftsmanship, transforming every entrance into a subtle artistic expression.

For an exploration of these unique pieces, the console table collection offers a captivating diversity.

Italian-designed entrance console: baroque, classic and modern.

A piece of furniture capable of revolutionising the design of an entrance or an empty wall, with style. The console can also be embellished with a piece of furniture such as a mirror or a modern painting.

Our range includes baroque-style entrance consoles with gold and silver finishes to give your living room a retro feel.

Classic design entrance consoles in natural wood or wood painted in white and grey.

Also for those who love an original and unique design, console tables made with a sculpted Vicenza stone base and transparent glass top, and not forgetting entrance consoles in aluminium and crystal for an industrial-style solution.

Modern Entrance Consoles: The Avant-Garde of Italian Design

Modernity is the theme of our collection of modern entrance consoles. These pieces feature clean lines, innovative materials and avant-garde designs. They embody a contemporary vision of luxury, where functionality meets aesthetics.

Whether for a minimalist entrance hall or a dynamic living space, these consoles add a touch of elegant modernity. Their simple yet bold design makes each console a statement of modern art, in perfect harmony with current trends in luxury furnishings.

Classic Entrance Consoles: Refinement and Tradition

The classic entrance consoles in our collection are masterpieces of refinement, offering perfect harmony between traditional charm and sophistication.

Each console is a testament to the craftsmanship of excellence, ideal for enriching spaces with a touch of majesty and classic charm. Timeless and full of character, these pieces blend harmoniously into interiors where classic style dominates, adding a note of nobility and authenticity.

Wooden Entrance Consoles: Essence of Nature

Our wooden entrance consoles combine the natural warmth of wood with sophisticated designs. They add an organic and lively touch, perfect for interiors seeking a balance between nature and modernity.

Glass Entrance Consoles: Transparent and Modern

The glass entrance consoles in our collection combine transparency and modernity. Their sleek design adds light and airiness, ideal for contemporary, airy spaces.

Entrance consoles with drawers: Functionality and style

Our entrance consoles with drawers combine functionality and style. They offer practical yet elegant storage space, perfect for tidy yet stylish entrances. Their design cleverly incorporates practicality without sacrificing aesthetics.

Extendable Entrance Consoles: Versatility and Innovation

The extendable console tables in our collection combine versatility and innovation. Perfect for adapting to different spaces, they offer a flexible and elegant solution for dynamic, multifunctional entrances.

Small Entrance Consoles: Compact and Elegant Charm

The small entrance consoles in our collection add a compact, elegant charm. Designed for smaller spaces, they embody a subtle, functional beauty, ideal for welcoming in style in more intimate entrances.

Discover the full catalogue online and contact us for any clarification or information you need. Our staff will be delighted to guide you through the purchasing process and help you choose the piece of furniture that's right for your home.

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