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Set of 18 Coffee and Tea Cups with Sugar Bowl and Porcelain Tray - Lucerne

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Limoges porcelain
Coffee cup: diameter 6.1 x H 6, capacity 9 cl, saucer diameter 11 cm; Tea cup: diameter 9.4 x H 6 capacity 18 cl, saucer diameter 14 cm; Breakfast cup: diameter 11 x H 7.2 capacity 18 cl, saucer diameter 17 cm; Sugar bowl: 6.5 x 9.5 cm c
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Viadurini Kitchen

Service of coffee cups, tea, breakfast with sugar bowl and saucer with a modern design in white porcelain, 20 pieces.

Service consisting of :
  • n.6 Coffee cup with saucer: diameter 6.1 x H 6 capacity 9 cl / saucer diameter 11 cm
  • n.6 Tea cup with saucer: diameter 9.4 x H 6 capacity 18 cl / saucer diameter 14 cm
  • n.6 Breakfast cup with saucer: diameter 11 x H 7.2 capacity 18 cl / saucer diameter 17 cm
  • n.1 Sugar bowl: 6.5 x 9.5 cm / capacity 25 cl
  • n.1 Oval plate / tray: 26 cm
"A well-designed shape should excite by its naturalness, be understood in its clarity and simplicity."

Experience the culture of the table made of authentic emotions, reflected in a pure white, choosing between creative and exciting styles, among harmonious shapes in fine porcelain that this service offers.
It is a proposal of articles that cleverly combines tradition with the modernity of lines and its aesthetics, thanks to the continuous research of products and concepts, to always guarantee a safe and valuable choice.

Each product is the result of research into style and the creative genius of exclusive designers, to then be completed by prestigious accurate manufacturing and constant and careful quality controls. This is how objects with a refined aesthetic taste and refined details are born, which express a strong personality combined with a modern functionality.

Cosmopolitan spirit combined with simplicity and freshness of style are the key words of this versatile service with a pleasantly casual character, which sets accents in every situation, enthusiastic about the wide variety of elements and shapes. It fits in all kitchens and on all tables with its simple soul, typical of a Nordic style that collects more and more consents, thanks to its hospitable freshness.

Strengths :
  • Quality : the multifunctionality of the products and the careful study of shapes, colors and materials, allow you to create a unique mise en place capable of bringing multiple experiences with taste and style to life.
  • Design : it is an eco-friendly line with ergonomic shapes.
  • Functionality : each item is stackable , saving space.
  • Originality : shapes designed to enhance the presentation of the different courses, created by exploiting thirty years of experience in professional catering.
  • Versatility : the products have been specially designed to adapt to any type of food and environment, so that they can be used both for appetizers, first courses, second courses or desserts, giving space to imagination and creativity.

The color :
  • Translucent and smooth white
Composition :
  • The dishes are produced with selected Limoges raw materials: a high-quality hard-paste porcelain with ancient eighteenth-century origins. The high-quality ceramic mixture is composed of 50% kaolin while a double firing (1000 ° temperature for the "biscuit" and 1380 ° for the glazing of the product), give the porcelain maximum strength and a soft shine .

Technical features:
  • Porcelain is strong and durable and is guaranteed for endless dishwasher washes .
  • The kitchen accessories for cooking are suitable for use in microwave and traditional oven .
  • The resistance to abrasion, thermal shocks, space-saving stackability, the long-lasting brilliance of the enamel are some of the characteristics of high quality , to choose products with confidence.
  • The use of innovative production techniques , the use of uniform lead-free enamels and precious raw materials free of harmful substances, allow to obtain reliable quality standards. All dishes are produced in compliance with the provisions on eco-management, environmental protection and health, with ISO 9001 - ISO 6486-1 certificates.

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