Hand-knotted long-pile wool rug in Turkey - Benedetta

£ 2217,19 £ 2463,54 -10%
Material Wool
Delivery time 1 week item available / 3 months item to produce
Weight 20-25 kg

Hand-knotted fine long-pile wool carpet for the design living room.

This long-haired rug is made of natural quality wool , treated with 100% vegetable dyes, obtaining a long-lasting product capable of maintaining softness and color unchanged over time.
The collection is inspired by the tradition of Moroccan carpets , real ancient masterpieces which, through the use of color, create an unexpected effect.
The value of the carpet consists not only in the quality of the precious materials used, but also in its entire production process: from spinning, dyeing and hand knotting performed by skilled craftsmen in Turkey, for a total of about 160,000 / 180,000 knots per square meter. . This is how each carpet will be rich in its own personality , able to tell a unique story that is always different from the others.

Available sizes:
  • 300 x 200 x 2 cm approximately
  • 300 x 250 x 2 cm approximately
  • 240 x 170 x 2 cm approximately
The carpet is not just a simple piece of furniture : it is a culture that is handed down from generation to generation, which requires the execution of skilful gestures and refined techniques . With its shape it is able to define a space, and through the knots it tells an ancient and contemporary story at the same time, helping to enrich every environment with beauty and elegance , for a timeless classicism.
It is precisely the contrast between the millenary tradition , the attention to detail and the attention to the contemporary design of the pattern that makes the uniqueness of the carpet its main feature.

NB The measures are to be considered indicative and may vary. Possibility of customization of sizes and colors on request. Also available in the short-haired version. Contact us by filling out the form.
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