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£ 88,67 £ 110,83 -20%
Material porcelain
Delivery time 7/10 working days

Service of 18 porcelain plates

18 Plates made of porcelain . 6 table places in 6 different decorations. The service consists of 6 dinner plates, 6 soup plates, 6 fruit plates .

Let yourself be fascinated by this set of 18 porcelain plates , a hymn to classic beauty with a touch of modernity. Each plate boasts an intricate design , reminiscent of fine Delft ceramics, which intertwine in a mosaic of patterns that speak the language of timeless elegance.

The art of porcelain is expressed here in its maximum form, with the fineness of the materials meeting the mastery of designs inspired by the European artisan heritage . These plates are not just kitchen utensils, but true art objects that promise to transform every meal into a visual and sensorial celebration.

Ideal for those seeking quality and distinction in everyday life, these dishes combine history and innovation in a dance of colors that seduces and invites sharing . Perfect for any occasion, from an intimate dinner with friends to a large celebratory event, they offer an experience that goes far beyond taste, to envelop the senses in an atmosphere of pure refinement .

Available finishes:

  • purple
  • sky blue
Dimensions of light blue plates:
  • Decorated dinner plate: Ø 26.5 x height 2.5 cm (weight: 710 g)
  • Decorated soup plate: Ø 20 x height 4.5 cm (weight: 402 g)
  • Decorated fruit plate: Ø 19 x height 2 cm (weight: 310 g)
Purple plates dimensions:
  • Decorated dinner plate: Ø 26.5 x h. 2.5 cm (weight: 734 g)
  • Decorated soup plate: Ø 20 x h. 4.5 cm (weight: 428 g)
  • Decorated fruit plate: Ø 19 x h. 2.3 cm (weight: 311 g)
NB: Dishwasher safe. Usable in microwave.
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