Made in Italy

Bright Fior di Pesco Carnico marble stone with 3 Stonehenge cuts

  • Made in Italy
£ 2119,31
Measures 30 cm x 30 cm x 75 cm; Weight 70-90 Kg
Delivery time 15 working days
Bright Fior di Pesco Carnico marble stone with 3 Stonehenge cuts
Stonehenge is a fantastic and original Led lighting system for outdoor and indoor use, ideal for decorating where diffused lighting is needed, a one-of-a-kind piece.
Stonehenge is made by Italian craftsmen and is part of the Menhir line promoted by the Essenze Luce company.
This beautiful product consists of a natural marble, the beautiful Fior di Pesco Carnico marble, marble that varies from shades of gray, pink, white, with ivory-white veins and coarse grain.
Stone with great hardness and pure and natural shape.
Very resistant lamp with a delicate appearance. A natural stone that contrasts harmoniously with the pure, cold internal steel structure.
Stonehenge is complete with three parallel light sections , thanks to which the light is released with a constant emission in the surrounding space. This model is ideal when greater light intensity is required.
Product with great adaptability and functionality. It can furnish with style and design various environments, determining the lighting of flower beds, indoor and outdoor living areas, public green, pedestrian and cycle paths, poolside in residential environments, accommodation facilities etc.
This beautiful illuminating stone is suitable for both an outdoor environment, resisting freezing environments, or indoors, as it is completed by four lower rubbers to protect the floor below.
Stonehenge creates unprecedented harmony around you!
Unique product of its kind, originality is dictated by its already existing form in nature, in fact in nature there are no equal stones!
Chosen in the quarry, the stone is cut, drilled and washed, to conclude with the insertion of a luminous body with LED technology that optimizes energy efficiency.
Thus Stonehenge becomes an original furniture during the day and an emotional lighting body at night.
This product is the union between the imperfection of the stone and the luminous technological linearity. Their fusion gives life to this fantastic design product, with an essential style where matter and technology become one.
Functional and high quality stone. It is possible to disassemble it in its various pieces for possible light replacements.
The charm of the stone is enhanced through a clever play of light and shadow. Nature itself provides us with the matter of inspiration!

Please note : these items are unique pieces, therefore each of them differs from the others in chromatic nuances and shapes. For this reason, the photo shown is to be considered indicative. Since these are unique pieces, it is not possible to return the product.

- Characteristics : Fior di Pesco Carnico is a marble in shades ranging from gray to pink to white with ivory-white veins and coarse grain.
- Origin : Carnic Alps - Friuli - Italy

Technical features:
- Power supply: 24 Vdc
- Power supply included: LPV-35-24. IP67 24V DC 35W power supply. Constant voltage. Dimensions 148 mm x 40 mm x 30 mm
- Light levels: 3
- Total consumption: 21 W
- Power 21 W
- Color temperature: 3,500 K °. Three horizontal parallel issues. Single color White 3500 ° K complete with underground cable (L = 4mt).
- Light source life: 30,000 hours
- IP protection degree: IP 66

Power supply and connection:
- The product must be powered by a constant voltage 24 Vdc power supply (included in the price), sized with 20% reserve.
- Supplied with 4 m long neoprene cable (specific for outdoors).

IMPORTANT: DO NOT connect the product directly to the 220 Vac direct network.
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