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Dinnerware Set 28 Pieces Complete Black Porcelain Modern Design - Skar

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Material stoneware
Measures Square plate: 27X27X3.5 cm Rectangular plate: 30x18x2.5 cm Bowl: 20x6.5 cm Round plate: 27x5.5 cm Cup: 10.5x7.5x6 cm Saucer: 16x12x2 cm
Color black
Delivery time 10/15 working days

Complete set of dishes with a modern design in black stoneware, 28 pieces of different shapes.

Service consisting of :
  • n.4 Rectangular plate 27x27x3.5 cm
  • n.4 Rectangular plate 30x18x2.5 cm
  • n.4 Round plate with coup bottom cm 27x5.5
  • n.4 Bowl 20x6.5 cm
  • n.6 Oblique cup 10.5x7.5x6 cm
  • n.6 Appetizer / bread plate 16x12x2 cm
A table service that combines charm and mystery inspired by Asian minimalism for the lines, playing with the geometrical elements that, if placed on a contrasting surface, shine creating elegance and originality.
The original shapes of the dishes (round, oval, square and rectangular) create a modern design capable of giving relief to any dish.

In fact, the six different products have been designed with the aim of fulfilling any need for plates: from the round deep plate to host the first courses and salads to the sophisticated square plate that ranges from first and second courses to desserts; or even from the rectangular plate to present the first courses or desserts with style and creativity, rather than sushi or sashimi, to the original oblique cup that perfectly matches to accompany with creams or sauces.
The round holster will bring the side dishes, while the extravagant egg-shaped saucer will be valid for the delicious appetizer tastes or as a bread saucer for a touch of class.

As for the decoration, the collection is designed to attract the attention of diners by highlighting the colors and flavors of the food, through a black glaze to which a reagent is applied which is randomly placed on the light rays on the surface that accompany the gaze towards the center of the plate. The reagent thus creates white-colored effects that not only characterize the kit, but make each product unique and exclusive with unique and unrepeatable shades and effects .

Strengths :
  • Quality : the multifunctionality of the products and the careful study of shapes, colors and materials, allow you to create a unique mise en place capable of bringing multiple experiences with taste and style to life.
  • Design : it is an eco-friendly line with a bright and intense enamel, able to adapt to any occasion. Dedicated to lovers of strong contrasts, the decoration recalls the glitter of the stars in the night.
  • Originality : the non-conformist and minimal shapes create a fascinating mise en place able to enhance and make food the protagonist.
  • Versatility : the products have been specially designed to adapt to any type of food and environment, so that they can be used both for appetizers, first courses, second courses or desserts, giving space to imagination and creativity.
Color :
  • Black enamelled with white color reagent.
Composition :
  • 100% stoneware stoneware decorated with reactive glaze.
Technical features :
  • The material is fired at 1240 ° and with an underglaze decoration that allows infinite washing and resistance to the scratching of the cutlery, guaranteeing the decoration unaltered over time and suitable for intensive use.

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