Full Service Table Plates in Porcelain and Colored Stoneware 18 Pieces - Anfa

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Material Porcelain and stoneware
Delivery time 7 working days

Dinnerware set in porcelain and colored stoneware with geometric decorations, 18 pieces.

Casablanca is the heart of Morocco, the modern center where all the vitality of this vibrant and energetic metropolis is concentrated. The various artistic and architectural styles that characterize it come to life in this collection: classic shapes and symmetries blend in clear and compact geometries that transmit all the energy and modernity of this style. The colors, carefully chosen and contrasted, come to life on the smooth and shiny surface of this tableware, born from the perfect mix that combines the robustness of stoneware and the refinement of porcelain.
  • Made of porcelain and stoneware
  • 6 table seats in 6 different colors in the same package
  • The service consists of 6 flat plates, 6 soup plates, 6 fruit plates
  • Flat plate: Ø 27.5 cm
  • Soup plate: Ø 20.5 cm
  • Fruit plate: Ø 19 cm
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Usable in the microwave

Why choose the combination of porcelain and stoneware?
It is a studied and meaningful combination: the perfect mix of functionality and refinement.
The distinctive features of the finest porcelain such as elegance and lightness distinguish the flat plates and fruit plates, in white with decal decoration.
Finally, the soup plates are extremely functional thanks to the material used: the thick and resistant stoneware keeps the heat of hot first courses such as soups and soups and facilitates their service. The glazed surface enhances the colors of the table.
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