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3 Hand Crafted High Quality Cotton Clutches - Viadurini by Marchi

  • Made in Italy
  • Code: ASPO246
£ 72,31 £ 90,38 -20%
Material pure cotton
Measures Small: approximately 13.5x6.5 cm; Medium: about 19x10 cm, Large: about 27x16 cm
Delivery time 7/10 working days
Custom-made This item can be customized. For further information:

3 Multipurpose clutch with colored motifs printed by hand, a single rectangular piece of pure cotton made in Italy.

Since 1633 art, history, passion, tradition, manual skills animate the laboratory of hand prints on canvas (natural fabrics).

The articles made with our "spontaneous art fabrics" are unique and unrepeatable as they are the result of months of work.

NB : Being unique pieces, the product will always be different and will never have the same print. At the time of the order we will send the images of the products currently available from which you can choose.

The fabric was created as a coating on the workbench where the fabrics are printed by hand.
During the printing phases, the color is also partially transferred to this underlying fabric which, month after month, turns into an "involuntary" work of art but full of color and charm.

This form of "spontaneous art" is unpredictable; the final result is not the result of an initial project and is always different from fabric to fabric allowing us to create exclusive and unique items of their kind.
Each edge, corner, of both sides of the articles made with this fabric, have different colors and facets with each other.

The realization phases are the following:

  1. Choice of fabric : the 100% natural fabrics used are selected after a careful evaluation, taking into consideration the quality and resistance over time even after numerous washes.
  2. Washing : the fabric is washed and dried naturally.
  3. Cut : the fabric is cut to size on the work bench.
  4. Manganatura : this phase is carried out with the mangle of 1633 in order to iron, compact and press the fabric, so that at the time of printing the color will be fully absorbed by the fabric.
  5. Color preparation : as per the recipe from the 1600s, the colors are produced manually using natural ingredients that give unique and vibrant hues, while ensuring optimal performance and maximum resistance.
  6. Hand print : This phase lasts for months. The fabric is placed on the workbench below the various items that will alternate and be printed in months and months of work. The various colors and designs will be transferred "spontaneously" to this fabric due to the pressure of the wooden mold, and will overlap. The end result will be an explosion of unpredictable and unrepeatable colors and shades.
  7. Fixation of the color : After several months ... when the result has reached its maximum expression, the fixing of the color takes place. Another important phase to ensure the durability of the color and maintain its brilliance over time.
  8. Ironing with the mangle : ironing of the fabric necessary for the preparation for the next phase, that of packaging and sewing.
  9. Packaging and Stitching : in this phase the various articles are created, sewn and packaged by hand.
  10. Last ironing with the mangle: the article is ready to be used.

The whole manufacturing process, being carried out as in 1633, is naturally low environmental impact, eco-sustainable, because energy consumption is reduced to a minimum.

Each creation is to be considered a true work of art, unique and unrepeatable in its kind.
Manual processing at all stages of production makes every single item unique and every little detail that might seem like an imperfection, shows that the work was performed by a master craftsman and not by a machine.

Technical information:

  • Fabric : 100% cotton
  • Washing instructions : Hand wash with cold water.
The article is composed of:
  • 1 13.5x6.5 cm clutch bag;
  • 1 19x10 cm clutch bag;
  • 1 clutch bag of 27x16 cm.
NB: indicative measures are to be considered. Since these are handmade products, the dimensions may vary slightly.
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