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3-Hole Brass Bathroom Sink Mixer Made in Italy - Binsu

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3-hole brass bathroom sink mixer Made in Italy.

Three-hole countertop washbasin mixer in chrome-plated brass with a classic design 130 mm high and with a center distance of 140 mm, complete with drain and pop-up lever.
Entirely produced in Italy with high quality materials conforming to European standards. This mixer can be installed on the top, equipped with an aerator and 90 ° ceramic head; recommended for its Energy Saving system for water saving of 6L / min and its swivel spout.

Maintenance and cleaning: It is recommended to dry any drops or water deposits on the product with a soft cloth; do not leave damp cloths or wet sponges on it; avoid the use of abrasive or scouring sponges that damage the surface; do not use for cleaning any type of detergent that contains chlorine or its compounds which could oxidize the mixer.
For perfect maintenance, disassemble the aerator and immerse it for a few hours in diluted vinegar and then rinse it with plenty of water, so that all impurities and limescale deposits disappear.

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