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Garden stool Africa by Vondm, H 85 in polypropylene and fiber glass, 4 pieces

£ 464,35
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polypropylene with fiber glass
48x47x85 cm
Delivery time
3 weeks
19 Kg
Africa stool by Vondom, in polypropylene and fiberglass H 85
The Africa collection by Vondom is guided by the line of thought of its desginer, Eugeni Quitllet, in which he maintains that the originality lies in simple things. The essence of its objects is enclosed in their natural form, a collection of essential design created for you and your "tribe" of friends. Simply original!
The Africa garden stool is designed for both your outdoor and indoor spaces. The material used is polypropylene injected with air and fiberglass molding.
Available in the following colors: white, black, ecrù, red, bronze, pistachio and sand.

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