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Aldo Bernardi - The Made in Italy of Lighting and Lamps

Aldo Bernardi, an Italian company that turns thirty is born in an exceptional panorama, surrounded by wonderful landscapes and colors. This could only give all their creations an energy and a wonderful design that allowed him to leave for long and less long trips, in Italy and abroad.
Ceramics and Brass were the first love. They have been studied, observed, played and shaped them. Giving them literally light, life.

Indoor lighting, and outdoor lighting, complex systems: this company manages to be present in all spaces, designing for each case a solution to illuminate and furnish at the same time. Style, tradition, attention to detail are the three ingredients that are consciously mixed every day to achieve luminous creations.
In our online catalog you can find garden lamps, wall lights, ceiling lights and floor lamps made in both modern style and classic design to meet all needs. The company is also characterized by a production in which the handcrafted character of the product, entirely finished and decorated by hand, reflects a typical production activity in the area of the Asolo hills.

Aldo Bernardi's creations are divided into two collections: “Gli Ottoni”, (made of brass), and “Gli Illustri” (the illustrious).

Gli Ottoni” collection includes ceiling lamps, wall sconces, table lamps, floor lamps and outdoor lamps, all characterised by a classic and rustic vibe. The lamps from this collection are handcrafted from brass and copper, bringing unique pieces to life.

Gli illustri” collection offers modern and contemporary design lamps, playing with different shapes and materials: Aldo Bernardi goes back to his starting point, ceramics. He tested new enamels, new finishes, new ceramic materials. The outcome? Essential shapes that stand out for their special hand-made decorations and manual labour, where experience is necessary.