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Wood Burning Barbecue With Cooking Plate And Wood Holder Compartment – Ferran

  • Made in Italy
  • Code: FERRAN
£ 1.633,37 £ 2.041,71 -20%
Material porcelain stoneware top, stainless steel feet, corten steel structure
Measures Diameter 90 cm x H 95 cm
Delivery time 10/15 working days

Outdoor wood burning barbecue of design multi-equipped: wood compartment, cooking plate, ash compartment and vent.

For all those who want to cook around the fire without giving up the pleasure of conviviality and the warmth of a good hot meal just cooked.
Specifically designed to provide a relaxing experience without sacrificing one of the pleasures of outdoor cooking, high quality in every form.

This made in Italy BBQ stands out for its completely Italian minimal design; you immediately notice its large built-in wood-holding compartment that makes it a high quality product.
It has 2 different temperature areas: the central area at high temperature around the wood feeding hole, where it reaches about 300 ° C, and the external perimeter at a lower temperature. The convenience of having 2 zones at different temperatures allows better management of cooking in relation to the fire supply.

Plate cooking maintains the nutritional properties of the food thanks to indirect cooking.
All hobs are made of 10 mm thick steel; during cooking they heat up keeping the heat and giving it to food.
The surface of the top is for 16 guests, ideal for those who love to be numerous. 

The heated surface tends to bend towards the center of the brazier, making the plate slightly sloping and therefore able to let the remaining fat and cooking liquids flow.

It has a ventilation opening system at the base of the adjustable brazier with a practical lever, which allows you to adjust the entrance area and have better fire management. If you push the lever, the fan is completely opened and the air that flows from the bottom of the brazier is maximized: it should be kept opened in the first phase of flame feeding (about 30/40 minutes), to produce a good bed of embers and bring temperature of the hob. You can then close or reduce the fan opening by pulling the lever outwards. At this point, in fact, the embers will need less ventilation and will last longer, stabilizing the cooking temperature.

The opening system also offers the advantage of being able to unload ashes easily from below.
In fact, there is a steel drawer for the collection of ashes, with easy extraction, in which the ashes will fall after pushing the fan adjustment lever and opening all the ventilation holes.

If you feel that all this is not enough is not finished here, Ferran will be delivered to your home already assembled and ready for use.
Note: It is strongly recommended to buy the cover of the ABS hob only to avoid the deterioration caused by atmospheric agents.

ATTENTION: Proper maintenance is essential to keep the properties and functionality of the product intact over time. Please read the attached PDF manual carefully.

  • Ferran is a barbecue plate with a 90 cm diameter. Italian production, development and design.
  • Base with wood compartment support.
  • External casing for insulation of the internal brazier.
  • Internal brazier in Corten steel.
  • Cooking plate prepared for COMBI.
  • Removable ash tray under the brazier.
  • Adjustable stainless steel feet.
  • Air intake under the brazier.
  • Hob edge prepared for additional top.
  • Porcelain stoneware worktop with built-in wood holder.
  • Adjustment of the air flow at the base of the brazier.
  • Complete assembly.
Painting choise between: 
A) Micaceous black color.
B) COR-TEN steel.
C) COR-TEN steel with stabilizer blocks rust "+15 days delivery".

As if this were not enough, this BBQ offers a wide range of options and accessories to make its use and the experience of cooking with it even more practical and professional.
1 ° ABS cooking surface cover: important accessory to keep the hob always intact and protected from external agents.
Cooking board support surface: removable and made of stainless steel to make your hob more comfortable and tidy.
COMBI accessory system: a single support adjustable to 3 circular heights with 3 feet. This system is able to support various accessories, each specific according to the type of cooking to be carried out based on the distance that must be kept from the flame: WOK, browning grill and skewers.
4 ° Cookware support: this support is an essential accessory if you are going to use pots or the Brazilian grill in addition to normal use.
Full cover: waterproof sheet to the ground.

Fields Values
Height 95 cm
Width 90 cm
Depth 90 cm
Maximum width Up to 1 meter
Main cooking grill  Ø 90 cm
Fuel  Wood
Number of guests up to 16 people
Cleaning times 15-20 minutes

WE RECOMMEND: Read the article "15-20 minutes to clean the hob and your barbecue".
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