How to Furnish the Bedroom - Modern Design Ideas and Solutions

4 Ideas and Tips on how to furnish a bedroom.

The bedroom is the perfect place to indulge in some relaxation and rest. For this reason it is important to furnish this environment by creating an atmosphere that reflects you in every nuance; moreover, sleeping is a physiological and mental pleasure, which is why planning and furnishing your new bedroom with care is an important step for a good rest.

There is certainly no shortage of ideas for the modern bedroom, but finding the right one for your home can often prove to be a challenge. The modern style it can take many forms and is one of the most versatile and flexible, but while this is an advantage it is also why interior design can differ greatly from one home to another. However, there are some main guidelines that every bedroom decoration and furniture must follow, and this guide offers them simply.

1st The main element: The bed and the headboard

The first secret to keep in mind when dealing with the theme of bedroom furniture is to always start from the wall that will be the head of the bed, as long as you don't want to put a bed in the middle of the room.
This is because the head wall is the most important of the whole room, the one that, on a perceptive level, is first noticed and acts as a backdrop for the bed.

Precisely because of its importance and uniqueness, the first step to follow is always and only one: to differentiate the end wall from the others.
Sometimes it is enough to use a different color than that of the other walls or opt for a material coating such as wood.

Wooden head: A less banal solution than simple coloring or covering the entire wall is to create a natural or colored wood paneling that has a height lower than that of the room.

This gesture leads to the introduction of a new horizontal sign on the wall, with several benefits:
  • Visually enlarge the room;
  • Create a counterpart in which to pass systems and install indirect lighting;
  • Make it directly from the headboard to the bed so that you can choose one without.
The headboard in fabric: the headboard wall can be enriched with a covering (total or partial) in fabric that replaces the traditional headboard: in this way you get a soft wall on which to lean and read comfortably.

The final tip on the head of the bed

A bed headboard must be compositionally complex but at the same time simple, that is, it must be composed of an articulation of simple elements such as to generate a sign, nothing more.
In this way your wall will be elegant and beautiful to the eye, it will solve some of the most common problems related to systems (especially the electrical one) and will allow you to house, in a hidden way, ambient lights capable of creating a precise atmosphere.

Now that we have started from the head, let's move on to the king of the room: the Bed

The classic wall bed: if a boiserie or a horizontal element that divides the wall is designed on the head wall, the bed should take on simple and regular shapes.

The bed in the middle of the room: if the bedroom is very large and allows it, it is possible to opt for a bed in the center of the room, in order to make it the master of the room; in this case the head wall becomes secondary, but it is always possible to create a variant with elements such as a desk, a small table or a wardrobe.

However, this strategy of the bed at the center of the environment is often used in large rooms or situations in the opposite, therefore complex, such as furnishing an attic or building a house with a mezzanine.

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2nd wardrobe as a bedroom furniture

Although one can believe the opposite due to the small space they occupy, there are some wardrobe solutions that allow you to collect and store many more clothes and objects than a walk-in closet.
Furthermore, to correctly integrate a wardrobe inside a bedroom, the solution is simpler than you can imagine.

The solution is to match the shade of the wardrobe with that of the bed and its headboard, or with that of the entire room if neutral tones prevail in the latter.

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3rd bathroom in the bedroom

If the size of the bedroom is generous enough, the presence of a bathroom in the room will make the environment truly unique.
Even if it is a very small bathroom, this will allow you to create a real room with all the trimmings.

The secret is therefore to relate the two environments by creating a bathroom in the bedroom with a glass window or by placing the sink outside the bathroom if the bathroom is very small, or by placing the tub in the bedroom instead of the bathroom.

An idea to make the bathroom modern, so that it dialogues with the room, can be to create a bathroom without tiles, so as to combine the two rooms, perhaps using the same materials, or visually connect the shower or Turkish bath in the house. to the bedroom.

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4th Wardrobe, bedside table, reading lamp, mirrors and chest of drawers - Furnishing accessories

They are not just an outline or a fill: they contribute to the design of your bedroom. Here their modern and unusual shapes will make you feel in a unique space and will impress your guests. 
A minimal style for this modern bedroom in which lighting is king: the two reading lamps and the diffused light positioned above the cabinet are in fact the fundamental part of the furniture. 

The most used trick to getting more space out of a small room is to create the illusion of a large space. Discounted but not to be underestimated, the  mirror is the first element that must not be missing in a small room. It reflects light, spaces and creates interesting contrasts.

The carpets are great amplifiers, as well as the shelves, which can be fixed above the bed or under the window sills.
Occupying the entire width of a room, for example with a full-width cabinet, helps to avoid squeezing a wall.

Work on the layers: they can be paintings, chandeliers, cushions and suspended furniture. They increase the depth of space by functioning as catalysts. The eye will dwell on the most interesting details, which vary from person to person, diverting attention from the general room.

Invisible bedside tables:evaluated alternative solutions. Obtain the space you need from the vertical masonry, immediately behind the bed, about twenty centimeters will be enough. The support can be obtained from a niche built in plasterboard, or a vertical open container, or even a long simple shelf.

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