How to Furnish a Design Office? The advice of Della Rovere!

More and more interior designers are committed to furnishing public spaces and trendy offices. The focus is not just on the home; the office becomes the mirror of its brand, its own story. That's why it is important to choose a refined and elegant furniture that reflects its essence. Desks, chairs, office armchairs, reception desks and modern shelving are made in elegant and essential shapes and with functional materials, being light and resistant at the same time.

Let's find out in the interview with Roberto Forni - the founder of Della Rovere company- the latest trends of 2018 to furnish glamorous and modern design offices.

Della Rovere: a name, a story. Tell us something about yourself and what led you to become a leader in the office furniture sector?

A personal story is a fundamental element that allows to understand some aspects of any company’s life: that’s because it  reflects the character and the somatic traits of the people who founded and developed it over time. Thanks to my father, 44 years ago my family founded the original company called FBL. 40 years long, this company has created living room and bedroom furniture. Those products had been sold all over the world. The same founder, 26 years ago, had the intuition to open a new “reality”  in the office furniture sector: the Della Rovere company. A new line that was entirely left to the management of the young people, among those the undersigned, who at that time  was only 22 years old. The two companies were physically separated and all the choices were freely left to the same young people without any influence on the part of the main company, except for few strategic advices, such as the purchase of machinery or moving to larger physical facilities.

The term “Leader” is always difficult to explain . Leader in what, if there is no game like in a sport match? In fact, Della Rovere feels like a Leader, because it wanted to create an original identity, especially in terms of design and innovation. I love telling my technicians and my designers to produce beautiful things: there is no price difference between making them beautiful or ugly!
They need to be beautiful and  functional at the same time. We create office environments for the well-being of workers, and for this reason these aspects should never miss in our collections.

What is your concept?  How would you define yourselves?

At Della Rovere we love to define ourselves a “company dedicated to originality”. A meaningful phrase that I like to share with my team is "those who follow the others, will never come first”.  Of course, this can lead you to make mistakes, but being original can be extremely satisfying. Furthermore, thinking that thousands of people work on our desks on a daily basis, gives us a huge satisfaction!

Modern offices leave less and less space for rigor, in favour of a more informal design environment. How do you insert your furnishing accessories in new working contexts? And what about more traditional ones?

The concept of work environment may often transfer the collective imagination to an aseptic environment. Some architects tend to create working spaces with the "ruler” and prefer “straight lines”,  without considering  the fact that we spend more hours in the office than those that we spend at home. An architect should work in those environments and should evaluate functionality and soundproofing, in addition to design. Where it’s possible, Della Rovere offers alternative solutions that help creating an "organic" environment where there are not only lines, but also curves and ergonomics.  The collaboration with famous architects such as Karim Rashid or Andrea Stramigioli is a proof.A couple of our collections, like Legodesk and eKompi, express the philosophy that is behind them. Your office environment can change its interchangeability at any time without the presence of installers; each dimension of all the elements "runs" on 80-40-160 cm! Multiples that bind together without constraints, and with the lightness needed in the creation of different environments.

Wood, a material of timeless charm, is the most used material for your accessories. Which manufacturing process do you follow to ensure the durability and quality of your products?

Wood, alas, has become a material too precious for nature. Della Rovere uses recycled waste wood to create beautiful and ecological office furniture, with a maniacal care for what concerns the environmental certifications. In this way we produce pieces of furniture that become an integral part of nature. Those who work on a Della Rovere furniture can feel comfortable both for their own health and for the health of the world around them.

The attention and the study that your architects and designers have is undeniable. Which style and fashion do you take inspiration from?

Della Rovere has always sought the collaboration of architects who have never worked in the world of office furniture, in order to have a fresh and open mind to novelty, which must necessarily be associated with the functionality that our research and development office tries to convey to the architect. I would define the style we are inspired by with  the adjective: "dellaroverino", which means that each collection has a sense of familiarity with the others, precisely because they live in a unique context and they must necessarily be linked. Nevertheless, each of them has a special project and a unique philosophical thought.

What will your next projects be?

As mentioned above with a pinch of pride (although humility is one of our characteristics) Della Rovere has always made unique projects that require from 1 year to 18 months for production. Imitation - not to say copy -  takes 5 minutes. We prefer leaving a veil of mystery on our new projects. However, we recommend our latest directional collection called BiQuadro, which can be found on our website.
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