Living Room Furniture of High Quality and Design with Recycled and Ecological Wood

Viadurini Green 100% Ecological and Recycled for the Protection of the Environment and for High Quality Furniture

Viadurini presents a new 100% green collection that uses recycled wood to create sideboards for the living room, designed with an elegant and refined design, paying particular attention to environmental issues. 

The ecological panels ennobled used for the realization of these sideboards are eco-panels made with  recycled wood  to avoid the felling of new trees in respect of nature

Made in Italy 
excellence and craftsmanship they come together in a wonderful combination to create modular sideboards for the living area to create tailor-made solutions for each customer. 

The cupboards and sideboards are furniture from other times that find space even in contemporary furnishings. The sideboard is a piece of furniture that can be placed in many areas of the house, a comfortable and functional design element that keeps the environment in order.

Sideboards that, if necessary, can be transformed into TV cabinets designed with doors and drawers with practical opening systems for a functional and sophisticated piece of furniture. The colors and finishes are completely customizable and the choice is huge.
The sideboard is a piece of furniture that cannot be missing in living furniture. With its refined design, it is suitable for any space, from the living room to the dining room, from the kitchen to the entrance. This storage unit, mainly used to store crockery, tablecloths, trays, napkins and candles, frees everyday life from the many objects that crowd it. For those who love order and practicality, the capacious sideboards make it easier to find the right place for each object and are the perfect choice. The sideboards multiply the available space, making every room in the house elegant and welcoming.

The panels used are exclusively ecological ennobled, with the aim of paying attention to environmental issues. The eco-panel is an industrial product made through the use of recycled wood material, avoiding the felling of new trees. The manufacturing process takes place with the utmost respect for the environmental regulations in force. 

It is a piece of furniture created on the basis of crafts values, to achieve the excellence and high quality typical of  Made in Italy, where innovative ideas are intertwinedand culture in favor of process optimization and attention to detail. This is how a functional and refined furniture for the living area is born.
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