Sleep Well, Live Better: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bed for the Bedroom

SLEEP WELL, LIVE BETTER: advice on choosing the perfect bed for the bedroom

The bedroom represents the most personal and intimate refuge of every home, the ideal place to defend yourself and carve out moments of pure relaxation. This is why the furnishing of this space requires particular attention to detail, so that it can reflect your personality in every corner. Sleeping is both a physical and mental pleasure; therefore, carefully designing your bedroom is essential to ensure maximum comfort. There are some fundamental rules to follow when furnishing the bedroom. This guide will provide you with some essential and indispensable tips for creating the bedroom of your dreams.

The Correct Bed Size

Choosing a new bed system requires particular attention to dimensions , essential to guarantee optimal rest. The choice must consider several factors, such as the size of the room and your height . In fact, a larger bed offers greater comfort during sleep. It is important that the mattress is at least 15 centimeters longer than the person who will sleep on it to prevent pillows or body parts from protruding uncomfortably. Width is also crucial, especially if you sleep in two: it is essential to have enough space to move without invading the other's area. The height of the mattress should not be overlooked either, which affects both the aesthetics and functionality of the bed. An adequate height will make it easier and more comfortable for you to get up in the morning. Finally, the bed base must match the dimensions of the mattress exactly to avoid deterioration of the mattress over time.

Beds in Wrought iron

The wrought iron bed is a timeless classic, versatile and able to integrate with different decorative styles. This type of bed is often used as a focal point in the room, offering a stylistic contrast that enriches the environment. The variety of designs available today allows you to find the perfect model for every type of furniture. In addition to their elegant appearance, wrought iron beds boast great durability and are easy to clean . Our range includes iron beds for every taste, from the most classic and romantic creations, such as the Taglia model, to the more modern ones with asymmetric lines, such as the Design model, all rigorously made in Italy .

Where to place the bed? The rules of Feng Shui

Many remain skeptical, but the layout of the bed in a room is crucial to the quality of sleep and overall well-being. Feng Shui , an ancient Chinese practice, teaches the art of positioning objects in the home to encourage a positive flow of energy. In this philosophy, it is essential that each element interacts harmoniously with the others, thus allowing Chi, the life energy, to circulate freely.
Let's see some fundamental rules for correctly positioning the bed :
  • To avoid place the bed too close to the entrance to minimize noise and disturbances.
  • Do not place the bed with the feet or headboard facing directly towards the entrance door or windows, so as not to disturb the energy flow.
  • Prefer an east-oriented position for the bedroom , where the energy of the rising sun can bring benefits.
  • Make sure that the headboard of the bed is placed against a wall and away from sources of noise, while the mattress should be located in well-lit areas naturally.
For those who cannot choose the ideal position, it is possible to positively influence rest with choices of wall colors, curtains and sober and delicate lighting . And remember, despite the importance of Feng Shui, the fundamental advice always remains the same: invest in a high-quality mattress for a restful sleep.
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