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Double mattress with pocket springs and Bio Up Memory memory

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£ 463,72 £ 579,65 -20%
Delivery time 7/10 working days from order placed
Mattress tailored increase 20%
Pocket spring mattress, each enclosed in a cotton bag, which act independently of each other by gently comforting your body, silently adapting to every movement and acting independently at every pressure received without stressing the others.
The springs are made of tempered steel wire and are of different thickness.
They have been designed to offer an anatomical effect and therefore to better adapt to the different pressures they receive, in this way the body is assisted in rest in every point with the right support.
The supporting structure of the pocket spring mattress has excellent characteristics and makes the mattress orthopedic but at the same time anatomical with excellent benefits for the spine and circulation.
The Memory ViscoPur® AloeFeel® relieves the pressure in the heaviest points of the body and stores its shapes, avoiding pressure sores, it also reduces stress by cushioning the involuntary movements that occur during sleep.
It is a latest generation material, consisting of a water-based slow-return viscoelastic foam, foamed with vegetable oils and enriched with aloe vera microcapsules, Aloe hydrates the tissues in a natural way, calms the nervous system and supports the immune system, which guarantees (together with Foam) the non-deformability of the mattress.
This highly innovative material promotes natural tissue transpiration and hydration.
Internal box h14 cm with 400 springs suspension for the single version, 800 springs double version.
H14 cm closing longitudinal members of Foam (rigid polyurethane foam D25 kg / m3), upper layer 4.7 cm of Memory ViscoPur Aloefeel, followed by a sheet made of 1.5 cm of high density polyurethane (D35Kg m3).
The final base is composed of 3 cm shaped with differentiated waves of Foam (expanded polyurethane D25 kg / m3 elastic)
Expanded with water
CFC free
Finished slab height: 25cm, including covering.
Supported weight 60/110 kg.
Silver Frash coating with 1% silver in 270 gr / m2 polycotton fabric complete with handles and 3d perimeter band for greater breathability is completely removable and is machine washable.
If you wake up tired and not rested it is almost always the fault of the mattress!
Sleeping well is not a luxury, but a necessity for our well-being. Choosing the right mattress can really make a difference.

  • high quality product
  • low price from factory direct to your door
  • natural cotton cover removable washable washing machine
  • through holes for air circulation
  • structure with 7 differentiated load-bearing areas
  • free delivery
  • at your home in 4 days
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