Made in Italy

Double Mattress Bio Maxi with capacity up to 150 kg per person

  • Made in Italy
  • Code: BioMaxiMatri
£ 621,66 £ 777,07 -20%
Measures 160x190xh24
Delivery time 7/10 days from order placed.
The mattress Bio Maxi uses one of the most 'innovative and technological, not only at the product level but also the setting of the mattress over. In fact, the upper part consists of a layer of Memory airsensitive shaped with massaging waves of different widths to provide the effect of the zones 7 and, thanks to its particular structure, able to expel all the excess body heat through the numerous pores of which is constituted.
The best breathability is also guaranteed by the particular profile and from the holes that bind to the layer of memory foam "Nature" that supports in a correct and effective body weight, this also shaped at the bottom to facilitate the use of this product on networks mechanized.
Not being pasted, the part in Memory airsensitive turns out to be completely removable and washable, an operation that can not be performed on conventional products and are not tested.
For this reason we recommend the use of this mattress, certified as a Class I medical device, combined with a specially designed lining with integrated topper.
Weight endured 40 / 150kg per person
160x190xh24 measures, inner pane 24cm finished sheet coated 26,5cm about.
Coating with 3D band bamboo.
All liners are made with stretch fabric that adheres perfectly, are ideal for those who wish to enhance the quality and
characteristics of your mattress.
Thanks to the quilting rectangular wave or differentiated, liners have a soft texture and soft, with the ability to easily shoot the form vaporous and light after compression.
In fact you can wash and dry, without any special treatment due to their natural elasticity.
The result is a perfectly hygienic, anti-mite and durable so as to maintain the characteristics in time.
To achieve a high level of breathability, the linings are provided with a 3D band which allows a better air circulation to ensure a
perfect microclimate inside the mattress.
In the morning you wake up feeling you tired and a little rested, despite several hours of sleep?
It is because of a bad sleep.
For complete relaxation and optimum comfort, a good mattress is essential.
Project Night offers the best allies for a quality rest!

  • breathable and resistant
  • hypoallergenic, anti-mite
  • eco-friendly
  • perforated
  • excellent quality / price ratio
  • wave effect
  • Ergonomic
  • decubitus
  • 7zone
  • Delivery in 5 working days
  • Made in Italy
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