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Bonaldo - Design Tables Made in Italy

Tables and coffee tables with a unique design, but not only also stools, chairs and modern sideboards to furnish your home

Since 1936, when he started his Bonaldo activities, to date this Italian company has created, through experimentation with different materials, objects that have been able to arouse emotions respecting the needs of a world that is constantly changing .

The three key words that characterize the Bonaldo collection are creativity, innovation and last but not least the quality. Creativity is a central element of every product made by this company, the ability of designers to play with color, light and shadows together with the movement of shapes give life to unique furnishing elements that will make the environment in which they are positioned special and elegant. Some examples that demonstrate these skills are the tables of Hoolahoop collection you can find with round shaped marble top or etched glass (Hulahoop etched) or flat rectangular made of solid oak or walnut (Hulahoop walnut).

As far as innovation is concerned, designers are always looking for the best and innovative materials that allow them to offer unique and design products to the public. Among the materials used are: marble, the protagonist of the Medley dining tables, the ceramic and steel central elements of the Planet and Kadou coffee tables and finally the crystal that, in combination with the wood in the Greeney table, will give a wonderful elegance to the living area.
In conclusion, the high quality of all the products used is a must in the whole Bonaldo Collection, they are a guarantee of a modern design furniture that will make your home unique and envied!
Bonaldo tables are a small Italian jewel waiting to shine in your living rooms.