Made in Italy

Bowls in White Porcelain and Gold Leaf Italian Luxury Design - Cicatroro

  • Made in Italy
£ 136,77 £ 170,96 -20%
Material porcelain
Color White
Delivery time 7-10 working days for small and medium sizes, 4-8 working weeks for large and large

High quality white porcelain bowls repaired with gold leaf, unique pieces handmade in Italy, 4 sizes.

Made of the finest white porcelain , these bowls reflect the Japanese philosophy of kintsugi which consists in enhancing, not hiding, the wounds of life as they are part of our history and contribute to making us the people we are today. Thus, any object that comes out damaged by cooking in the oven is repaired using 22-karat gold leaf as glue, which creates a wonderful precious scar.

Obtained through the slab technique, which allows to obtain very thin surfaces in order to emphasize the properties of porcelain and its translucency, they are then glazed with transparent crystalline on the inside and carefully polished on the outside, evoking the sensuality and simplicity of beauty of porcelain, without sacrificing its practicality.

The organic and natural design leaves the maximum freedom of expression to the material: we thus find a crooked edge rather than a movement given by the deformation of the clay during cooking that become characteristic and valuable elements of the product.

Porcelain is an extremely resistant material that is fired at a temperature higher than that of traditional ceramic, therefore it is more robust and durable, highly resistant to stains and waterproof, thanks to its greater density, hardness and uniformity. Its peculiarities are guaranteed by the double firing up to 1240 °, after which the very translucent porcelain takes on a precious warm white color.

Approximate dimensions available:

  • Small: diameter 10-11cm x Height 3.5-4cm
  • Medium: diameter 18-19cm x Height 5-6cm
  • Large: diameter 23-25cm x Height 6-7cm
  • Maxi: Diameter 30-31cm x Height 8-9cm
Technical features:
  • Single piece
  • Handmade white porcelain
  • Kintsugi type repair in 22 carat gold leaf
  • Not suitable for containing food or liquids
  • Cleaning with a damp cloth
  • Non-toxic materials for use

NB: each item is a unique piece made by hand, therefore it may have small differences from the photographs and the dimensions may vary slightly.

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