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Contemporary design conference table Info Table, Italian design

  • Made in Italy
  • Code: Info Table
£ 19393,55 £ 21548,39 -10%
Measures L350xP150xH76cm
Delivery time 8/9 weeks from order placed.
Weight 90
Material: adamatx and glass. Meeting table of design, elegance and technology. With sinuous shapes and generous spaces, info table is a true work of art. Customizable in colors and size. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, info table is also technologically advanced, thanks to the chromotherapy of the RGB lights under the glass, but above all thanks to the electrified bar placed in the center of the table, allowing any type of connection from any location.
Solid Surface; it is an innovative material with which it is possible to create any shape, to create objects and projects with a unique design.
It is a composite material, obtained from the processing of foams coated with special resins, which is revolutionizing the world of design. A material that comes from years of study, experimentation and technical laboratory tests.
- Easily washable
- Very high wear resistance
- Monolithic appearance
- Versatile: any shape can be made
- Lightweight: it is a composite material, of a unique lightness, therefore easily
- Resistant
- Solid : it is so performable and adaptable to various needs that it can create hard surfaces
variable, up to bulletproof
- Uniformity : it does not have any type of visible joint
Zad: a team of young designers committed to provide you with design objects that maintain functionality and quality. Unique furnishing accessories, can be protagonists in the various moments of the day.

  • excellent quality / price ratio
  • high-level design
  • functionality and aesthetics
  • innovative material Adamantx®
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Shipments within Italy
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