Made in Italy

Decorative lego brick hot water radiator made in Italy by Scirocco H

  • Made in Italy
£ 1380,49
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Measures L. 804 mm, H. 1128 mm, Center distance 50 mm; Thermal output 900 Watt
Designer Marco Baxadonne
Delivery time 20 working days
Warranty 2 years
Modern design hydraulic lego radiator Brick by Scirocco H
Colorful radiator with a modern and fun style, in the hydraulic version. A project inspired by an affective icon shared by all. Multiple color combinations for horizontal and vertical modular elements. As in a construction game, the elements combine, placing themselves side by side depending on the available space and the necessary thermal output.

- Heating core made up of an aluminum fin coil and copper return pipes
- Preformed sheet steel cover

Product includes:
- Heating battery
- Cover
- Valve and lockshield valve cannot be thermostaticized
- Breather valve
- Wall mounting
- In the composite version, a connection kit between modules is supplied

Technical features:
- Valve, lockshield holder and hydraulic connections inside the radiator, hidden by the cover
- Maximum operating pressure: 5 bar
- Not available for single-pipe systems
- Each item is supplied with a template for valve center distance and wall fixing position
- Minimum pipe distance outside the wall: 20 mm for copper, 23 mm for multilayer
- Heat is transmitted via convection, the cover is not radiant

Please note: To receive the transparent hanger, request a quote from:

Radiator available in different color variations: view the color chart and indicate the desired color code in the appropriate box.

NB: indicate the type of tube (copper or multilayer) and diameter when ordering. In the absence of provisions, the 12mm copper pipe fitting will be supplied.
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