Design outdoor bench made of painted aluminum System by Varaschin

£ 996,06
Measures L 178 x W 45 x H 43 cm
Delivery time 30 working days
Base material aluminum
Modern design Varaschin System outdoor aluminum bench
Available with other structure colors; contact us and request more information.

System is a fantastic garden bench with a white powder-coated aluminum structure; with seat top in HPL (sp 1.2) in finish: silk gray black border, white black border, anthracite black border, white white border, cement brown border, bedonia brown border, corten brown border; or with a bush-hammered ceramic top (sp 1.2) in a finish: white lime and gray porphyry; or in teak (sp 1.7) from certified plantation.
Thanks to its versatile and ultramodern design it will be perfect for decorating outdoor environments such as terraces, swimming pools, gardens; but it finds perfect placement also inside, in the living area.

Maintenance: The collection resists sunlight and rain. We recommend regular maintenance, and particular attention to the protection of the items in case of adverse weather conditions (ice, hail, temperature changes, humidity, persistent, scorching heat or extreme cold). The duration and integrity of these items depend on the care with which they are maintained. For aluminum and steel products, although protected by treatments and finishes suitable for outdoor use, it is essential to prevent water from stagnating inside the product itself. In fact, all items have technical holes necessary for the application of protective treatments and finishes. The introduction of water into those holes and its stagnation can cause rust inside the pipes.

For additional protection we recommend using the appropriate covers in the winter season, in the evening, or in case of frequent rains. If you wish to purchase the cover, request a quote.

In addition, the product is suitable for marine environments, salt spray conditions and poolside furniture in the presence of chlorine.
Precautions: accurate maintenance and cleaning is essential to preserve the integrity of the components for as long as possible.
It is advisable to keep the articles always in good condition to wash them weekly with abundant fresh water in order to eliminate as much as possible the salinity that tends to attack the structures.
This is the only way to keep the product in the best condition.
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