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Design Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Towel Heater for Bathroom up to 483 W - Italo

  • Made in Italy
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Stainless steel towel warmer radiator for the bathroom, vertical wall design made in Italy.

This towel warmer for the bathroom has an ideal design for lovers of simple and essential lines, suitable for minimal and comfortable contexts.
It is a stainless steel radiator suitable for contemporary environments, made entirely in Italy , the value of the radiator is determined by values such as total quality, service of the highest level, the search for an always innovative but functional design and respect for the environment. only in developing products with low environmental impact but also as regards the production phase.

Available sizes *:
  • H 800 x L 400 x Inter. 362 mm x Output w (Δt50 *) 209; Yield w (Δt30 *) 107; Yield w (Δt26 *) 103
  • H 800 x L 500 x Inter. 362 mm x Output w (Δt50 *) 261; Yield w (Δt30 *) 133; Yield w (Δt26 *) 128
  • H 1200 x L 400 x Inter. 362 mm x Output w (Δt50 *) 313; Yield w (Δt30 *) 160; Yield w (Δt26 *) 154
  • H 1200 x L 500 x Inter. 462 mm x Output w (Δt50 *) 391; Yield w (Δt30 *) 200; Yield w (Δt26 *) 192
  • H 1500 x L 400 x Inter. 362 mm x Output w (Δt50 *) 386; Yield w (Δt30 *) 197; Yield w (Δt26 *) 189
  • H 1500 x L 500 x Inter. 362 mm x Output w (Δt50 *) 483; Yield w (Δt30 *) 247; Yield w (Δt26 *) 237
The product stands out for its low thermal inertia and for its capacity for high radiation heat , also guaranteeing a certain flexibility in managing the desired climate.
Furthermore, the gradual release of heat continues when the system is switched off, which ensures a climate of well-being and the maintenance of the temperature for a long time.
The version with electrical installation of the radiator is also possible. Contact us for a quote.

NB: The valves and the holder are excluded, to receive them write to us in the "Request Information" form.
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